I am a researcher based in Manchester, UK. After a nearly 20-year academic research career I now work in the commercial sector as a Data Scientist. I am still active in the research community – I am an Honorary Senior Lecturer (associate professor) at the University of Manchester and have ongoing research collaborations with new and former colleagues. I also do consulting projects in a personal capacity (pro bono and paid), mainly in the machine learning + medicine domain.

My expertise covers machine learning, mathematical modelling, and statistics. My LinkedIn profile can be found here. You can also find me on github (dchoyle) or on twitter (@dchoyle and @HoyleAnalytics).

The site is for,

  • My blogging on Data Science, Mathematical, and AI in medicine topics.
  • Details of my ongoing community activities – conference organization, conference speaking, etc.
  • Details of my scientific publications.

All views expressed in blog posts on this site are my own.